1. Introduction

1.1. Basics

EasyNMR is a web-based solution for handling and processing NMR data with a visual workflow. It allows you to explore and analyze data from various NMR spectroscopy methods, especially solid-state NMR. Data can be quickly loaded, explored, modeled, analyzed, compared, and quantified. EasyNMR bridges the gap between user-friendliness and versatility.

1.2. Overview

EasyNMR is a modular and object-oriented NMR data processing software. Its basic components are data and module objects. Modules are used to plot data objects, perform computational operations on them, or connect to a server, among other things. The components may be accessed from the module bar and are represented by icons in the Workflow. Icons are connected by lines if the two connected modules are compatible; i.e. only certain data objects and modules may be connected to each other. Modules connected to data objects of specific types are created automatically from file input data when reading or as output of computations modules. Projects can be created with a minimal amount of user interaction.

In total there are more than 15 data and module types - and this number is increasing with new features added to EasyNMR over time. They enable EasyNMR to be applicable to a broad range of applications. Parameters of data and module objects may be modified in the properties of each object. The program screen is split into two frames. The left frame for Workflow, that shows the project outline with its objects and their connections. The right frame shows the properties of each component. Scripting can be utilized for customization. For advanced processing, all EasyNMR components can be controlled via JavaScript in the Calculation module by scripts, or in the web browser’s JavaScript console by commands.