3. Interface overview

EasyNMR opens in a web browser window by opening https://easy.csdm.dk.

3.1. Layout

The web page is divided into three sections:

  1. The Toolbar on the top

  2. The Workflow on the left

  3. The Object Properties on the right.


Basic layout of EasyNMR

EasyNMR opens in a web browser window by opening . The web page is divided into three sections:


Flow layout

Object Properties

In the Workflow, each data or module object has a graphical component (icon). The complexity of a workflow arises from a number of modules that are connected to each other. The properties of each object may be seen in object properties on the right. You can double click on each object to highlight its Object Properties window. For example, a Plot object has a figure in its Object Properties window; while a Folder object shows the files it contains. Data and Module objects have anchors that could be connected to each other – if they are compatible. You can reorganize objects by dragging them and connect them to each other using the Connect command in the toolbar.

You may load a new workflow (a file with the .easy file extension) by drag’n drop onto the left-most area of the EasyNMR window - the Workflow.

3.2. Interface functions

In addition to objects, you can use the following interface functions in using Easy NMR.



Saves the workflow



Exports the worflow to an easy file



Opens a file containing data objects or workflow



Clears the workflow


Delete object

Click on an object and then push Delete to delete an object


Connect objects

Click on Connect to enter connect mode for linking objects

Press this button again to exit connect mode



Change default settings according to your preferences



Enables logging into a remote server for simulations and computations